Box Hill North Scout Group does charge fees, however they are as low as possible. The fees are broken down into 2 parts:

  • Registration with Scouts Victoria - this covers insurance, and helps pay for our many fantastic resources such as campsites and activities teams. This is the same for every child.
  • Group fees - to help cover the costs of the hall, maintainance, insurance, equipment, activities, leader training, district fees and other items such as group events. This fee is largely discounted already by fundraising, however discounts are offered to this fee for multiple siblings, or if a parent is a leader (up to 70%!!!)

These fees are paid annualy in June, however if you join during the year the fees are paid pro-rata.

Date of Joining: Joeys



1st July - 30th September $277.00


1st October - 31st December $209.00 $248.00 $130.00
1st January - 31st March $145.00 $172.00 $92.00
1st April - 31st May $74.00 $88.00 $48.00
1st June - 30th June $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
  • The above fees are inclusive of Registration, District levy and Group fees
  • Joeys receive a one-third discount on the Group fee component
  • Rovers pay only the registration fee and levy – the Crew charges a subsidy separately in lieu of group fees.
  • Families receive a discount for second and subsequent child members
  • There is a 70% discount on total fees for children of leaders
  • The Group bears all fees for adult leaders

Sections may also ask for a small amount per night ($1-$2) to help cover additional expenses. There are also additional charges for weekend activities and special events - ask one of the section leaders for more information. We try to keep these fees as low as possible with fundraising. In total, registration, group and section fees work out to less than $10 per week (excluding extra activities).