Box Hill North Scout Group (formerly 11th Box Hill) was started in 1955 by myself and Jane Robertson (later my wife) with the help of my father (Group Leader 4th Box Hill). We started the Group (as a Rover service project) with the particular aim of bringing scouting (Cubs) to the boys at the “Orana Homes” in an environment away from Orana, and as a normal Scout Group with children from ordinary homes. This emphasis continued for some 15 years, but became unnecessary as community attitudes changed and Orana children were able to join other groups as well as ours.

The Scout section was started by Peter Hoadley (son of Arch Hoadley of Gilwell) and Bruce Richardson.

When I started the Senior Scouts (now Venturers) Ernie Robertson and Kerry Cumming joined the Cub leaders. Kerry went on to become a very successful Cub Leader Trainer.

In 1966/7 four of the Venturers started the Rover Crew. We all still meet each year with our spouses. Rovers is another area where this Group has been innovative in that the Hatfield Rover Crew were among the first 2 or 3 (if not the first) in Victoria to accept female members, following a decision made at the WA Rover Moot. The then Rover Adviser, Gra. Bryant, registered the new Rovers without identifying their gender as Vic HQ was procrastinating over implementing the recommendation for female membership. 

Tyne Talk was the Group newsletter which originated in the mid 60’s and was largely prepared by the Group leader and the Venturers. It was revived in the early 70’s (after lapsing for a couple of years) and ran for many years with one dedicated editor. There were a couple of short term revivals in the 80’s up to 1985.


Giff Hatfield is the Rover Adviser of Hatfield Rover Crew.


 Members of the group who started Box Hill North Scout Group

(L to R) Bruce Pearce, Rod Cooper, Giff Hatfield, Kevin Thiele, Rob Pearce