2017 Activities 



This page contains basic information about Cuboree, to make sure that you and your Cubs have a great time!

The Victorian Cuboree is a week-long camp for Cub Scouts, held every three years.

Each Cuboree to date has been held at Gilwell Park, in Gembrook.


Approximately 3,700 Cub Scouts from across Victoria (as well as Tasmania and Queensland) will attend Cuboree 9, 2017. On top of this, there will be over 1,000 leaders and support staff on site, to look after the Cubs.

Cubs District Camp

Box Hill North cubs joined other cubs from the Whitehorse district for a weekend of camping fun and activities at Clifford Park. This camp for two nights under canvas prepares the Cubs for the upcoming Cubouree 

Anzac Day 2017

Scouts of all ages attended the Dawn Service at Box Hill. Rovers had organised a sleepover at the Scout hall the night before and planned to walk to the Box Hill cenotaph. Very proud of all the scouts, leaders and parents who attended in the rain and cold.






The Joeys, Cubs and Scouts packed their bags and sleeping bags to go on a 2-day group camp at Eumerella in Anglesea. It was an activity packed weekend involving beach fun, surfing, challenge valley, nature trail and riding billy carts. Scouts also demonstrated important skills like setting up tent and helping with the BBQ. We also invested some of our new leaders while at camp.




Our Joeys joined the Blackburn Joeys for an awesome ice blocking adventure at Ruffey Lake Park. The Joeys spent several days getting their ice block ready at home and had a lot of fun racing down the hill sitting on large ice blocks.


Scouts also took advantage of the nice weather and organised their own ice blocking session.



Box Hill North Joeys and Cubs joined Joeys and Cubs from other groups for a great opportunity to try canoeing.




Cubs from the Whitehorse district gathered at Camelot Rise Primary School for an activity day based on compass and navigation. It addressed the compass and mapping areas of the boomerangs (outdoor 4) and provided preparation for the Grey Wolf bushwalk.




Scouts had a great time at Hardrock in Nunawading learning important skills like how to belay and learning how to climb in a fun and safe environment.